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How to Beat the Winter Blues by Making Your Own Fishing Lures

It will be winter again before we know it! I am so happy, I cannot wait! What did you Believe, about
what you just Study? Do you Really feel the Similar way about winter time as I do? If you are like the
average person, you Possibly thought this guy is wacko, or One thing. It’s just that I have
enjoyed eQuite season since I was a Youthful child, to me they each have great things, and nothing is
worse in 1 season over the other.

I Listen to People grumble in the summer about the heat and sweating, and in the winter I Listen to these
Similar People talking about the cold and over eating. It’s like anything really, some People Have a tendency to
stay Quite happy all year around, Although Other people Have a tendency to be sad and Stressed out all year round, life
is how you make it, and how you react to situations that happen, no matter how tragic they are.

Now, I better stop rambling here, because I am Possibly starting to Seem like a therapist and I
am getting off the Subject of this article, which is how to beat the winter blues by Making your Own
Fishing Lures. Now, the types of lures I am going to talk about in this article, are spinners.
Spinners are lures that have a blade which turns or spins when the lure is retrieved Via the
water, this is what gives the lure it’s name spinner. Spinners Normally have fibers or material that
looks like thick Locks that conceals the hook, this is called a skirt or skirting, Includeing a skirt
onto a lure gives it a more dressed or fuller look then a non-skirted lure, but both perform the
Similar way when retrieved Via the water.

To get started in making spinner lures you need to buy the parts Initial, and I will tell you of two
great and Affordable Options for all of the parts you will need. The two parts that you will
Possibly only be able to find at a lure Provide store or on eBay, are the blades and the little
Units called clevises, clevises hold the blades onto the thick wire body, and alMinimal it turn spin
freely in the water. Clevises can be purchased on eBay for as Minimal as 100 in a pack for $4,
sometimes less. The thick main, wire bodies of the spinners called shafts, can be Purchased on eBay
or in most craft stores that sell plastic beads. These look like short pieces of straight wire
with a closed eye on 1 end. I Purchased a pack of about 25 of these at a local craft store for
under $2. You will also want to pick up some different shaped, and colored beads at a craft store
to Include some flair to your spinner lures.

The skirts are usually made from silic1 and can also be Purchased at a fishing lure Provide store on
eBay in packs of 15 or more, for only a Few dollars. The skirts you are looking for are made
with a rubber ring that holds the material together, you simply trim off any excess skirting with
sListen tos, and slide the skirt onto the wire body. The only other parts you will need are some,
treble hooks, size #8 is the Ordinary. Once you gather all your parts, simply examine some store
Purchased spinners to see how they are put together, to give you ideas on the styles you can make.
Your spinner lures can be plain or Quite snazzy looking depending upon your Style and design and imagination.
The only tool you will need to make your spinners are a pair of needle nose pliers, to bend the
wire end when securing your hook, and strengthening the closed eye end.

I made my Quite Initial spinner in about 25 minutes and it was really nice, now I can Simply create
1 from scratch in 10 minutes, and that is when I am Functioning sMinimally. Home made spinner lures Function
just as good as store Purchased 1s but they are a lot Less expensive. I figured up the Price of all my
supplies, and I Found out I can make a complete spinner lure for around 25 cents. If you do not
want to keep and use the spinner lures you create, you can give the away as gifts to fishing
buddies, or sell them On the web or at sportsman shows. When you find yourself stuck inside during the
Prolonged, cold days of winter, get out your box of lure making supplies and put together some spinner
lures, it’s not only fun, it’s also a great way to help beat the winter blues.


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