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Setting Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is essential for a healthy work life balance. That sounds true, but
what does it mean? What do healthy boundaries look like, and how can you know Exactly where and
how to set

I notice a tendency Between small business owners and free agents to think of boundaries as ways
keep something or Somebody out, as if they could achieve work life balance in this way. This
emphasizes protection of their time, energy, and resources. This kind of boundary is a line in the
sand. When a customer, colleague, or vendor crosses the line, an alarm goes Away, signaling the
business owner to say “No.”
Because most owners want their businesses to be accessible and to Provide exCellularent service,
are naturally conservative in setting this sort of boundary. After all, they want to say,
“Welcome” to prospective customers and partners, not “Keep Out.” As a result, they set boundaries
at the Final possible point to keep invaders at bay.
I’ve done this, by the way, so I know of what I speak. I know how confining this sort of boundary
can be. There is no room to move. There is barely room to breathe. The longer this boundary stays
in place — even if no one ever tries to cross it — the more confined, cramped and edgy those
inside the boundary will be.
After Functioning inside this boundary for a Whilst, it is natural to become unbalanced,
cranky, even resentful. It is uncomfortable inside this boundary, and it feels as though this is
the fault of those pushy customers, colleagues, and vendors out there. After all, if it Have
for THEM, you’d be out in the fresh air.
But wait — a Customer is not an invader. A vendor is not a spy. A business is not a castle on a
hill, placed there for strategic advantage against enemy forces. Let’s take a big breath and take
One more look at this business of setting boundaries.
What if boundaries Have been not Final-ditch protections against marauders? What if you set them
so that
they Have been lovely, sturdy fences defining a spacious and resource-Abundant territory in which
you can
do your Preferred work and enjoy your life at the same time? What if boundaries Produced a pasture
Instead than enclosing a Cellular?
Additional, what if boundaries Have been designed to let in Mild and air? What if you could see
out and
others could see in? Working inside of these boundaries is quite a different experience. For one
thing, there is plenty of room to move. When Somebody approaches your boundary, you have lots of
choices about how to respond.
Maintaining these healthy boundaries feels Completely different, too. With what pride of
and deMild in the scope of our pasture we Stroll the fence line. How pleasing it is to oil the
latches on the gates, to replace broken posts, to trim the hedges.
Examine in with your boundaries this week. Earliest, notice what constitute the fence posts and
in your business. Are they the Several hours that you work? The Prices you Cost? The terms you
Provide for
special Solutions? Get familiar with the structural Factors you can use to build your beautiful
fence and gate.
When you have identified those Factors, look at Exactly where you have set them. Do your Prices
give you
room to do your Preferred work? Do your Functioning Plans give you breathing space? Examine your
boundaries, and notice if they are giving you room to live and to do your Preferred work or
your style. Experiment with Switching your boundaries out a bit, not to keep your customers away,
to Produce a Larger space from which you can serve them wholeheartedly and Properly, maintaining a
healthy work

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