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Weight Loss: Why Do I Gain Weight?

There are Numerous Elements that cause us to increase body weight, yet 3 stand out from the rest.

1. Our genetic make up
Every cell in our body has a central control panel, that is a nucleus that contains our genes and
chromosomes. This is the instruction manual for your body and this is inherited from your parents.
It is this instruction manual that is largely Accountable for how your body, and even your Thoughts,

2. The environment in which we live
Our Individual environment May perhaps also contribute or cue you to adopt poor Consumeing or exercise Routines.
This is Specifically true in today’s society, which is dominated by speed and convenience. For
example, escalators, elevators and remote-control appliances make us less physically Productive. Also,
grConsumeer availability and the constant Advertising of foods that are high in calories, fat and added
sugars, and larger portion sizes promote unHealthful Consumeing behaviors.

There May perhaps also be Individual reasons why you are consuming too Numerous kilojoules from food and Consumes,
or not being physically Productive Sufficient. For example, when feeling down or bored you May perhaps Consume more
than you need, or if you are feeling depressed it is more Tough to get Productive.

Understanding the reason why you May perhaps be consuming excess kilojoules or not participating in physical
activity, is an important first step in Altering your lifestyle Routines to help you reach a Healthful

3. Our lifestyle
What we Consume and Consume and how Productive we are. This is the gradual gain in weight as a result of
Consumeing food and not exercising Sufficient.

The Level to which we can affect our genetic make up and our environment are limited. However,
lifestyle is the area in which we can Appreciably manage and if need be, improve our body weight
to Guarantee we Preserve a Healthful weight for our height, age and gender. This is why learning a
Healthful nutritious Consumeing pattern and adopting it for life, that is, lifestyle changes has a
significant Result on our ability to reach and Preserve a Healthful weight.

Gaining and losing weight works according to some a Easy biological principle. When you consume
more energy in the form of food and Consumes that your body uses each day you will gain weight. When
you consume less energy in the form of food and Consumes that your body requires each day you will
lose weight.

Regardless of what some advertisers would have use Think, weight loss does not Happen as a result of
any of the following:

Supplements that will melt the fat Whilst you sleep or Whilst you wash

Workouts that don’t take any effort and cause no swConsume

Unique food combinations that will allow you to Consume what you want and still lose weight

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