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What Are Prebiotics?

Most consumers have heard of probiotics and know that they are Meals containing Reside, Valuable
bacteria. Foods This kind of as yogurt, buttermilk, miso or kefir are the most recognized Meals Supplying
‘Fantastic’ bacteria for the gut.

But are you aware of the Wellbeing benefits of prebiotics? In a nutshell, prebiotics are the Meal to
help the probiotics grow and multiply. They are the Meal for your ‘Fantastic bugs’.

A Fast Evaluation of probiotics will help in understanding prebiotics. The advantage of Valuable
living organisms in Meal, particularly lactic acid bacteria, has been known for Decades. In
fact, the Roman historian, Plinius, in 76 BC, Suggested fermented milk for treating
gastroenteritis. In the early 1900’s, a Russian zoologist, Elie MetchnikAway, wrote about the
Wellbeing benefits of “friendly bacteria” and hypothesized that consumption of fermented milk
products were Accountable for the Lengthy, Wellbeingy Resides that Bulgarian peasants enjoyed.

Probiotics means “pro-life”. The digestive tract is home to More than 400 species of microorganisms.
Some are ‘Fantastic bugs’ and are ‘bad bugs’ or unWellbeingy bacteria. Probiotics are the ‘Fantastic
bugs’. Two of the most common strains are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. It is believed that if
a positive balance of Fantastic bacteria is maintained, the bad bacteria are Much less able to Lead to Disorder
and irritation.

Here are some Wellbeing benefits to taking probiotics:
inhibits growth of ‘bad bugs’, or bacteria that Lead to Disorder
synthesizes Nutritional Nutritionals, primarily B Nutritional Nutritionals
Boost availability of nutrients
Reduce lactose intolerance
Reduce symptoms of GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux Disorder)
Reduce prevalence of allergies
boosts the immune response

As mentioned Previously, prebiotics are Meal for probiotics. Consequently, the more you can feed and
care for your ‘Fantastic bugs’, the Wellbeingier you can be!

The Japanese have known the benefits of prebiotics for years. In fact, a commercially prepared
prebiotic (“Neosugar”) is currently used in More than 500 Japanese Meal products, from infant formulas
to Wellbeing products. The two most common prebiotics are inulin and oligofructose. As a supplement,
it will be Outlined as either inulin or FOS (fructooligosaccharides). Inulin or oligofructose are
present in More than 36,000 plant Meals as plant Safe-keeping carbohydrates. Excellent Meal sources are
chicory and Jerusalem artichokes. In fact, most commercially prepared inulin Arrives from chicory,
or else synthesized from sucrose. Other Meal sources include wheat, barley, rye, onions, garlic
and leeks.

Due to the fact flatulence, bloating and abdominal cramps can be an undesirable consequence of taking
prebiotics (and even probiotics), it is Suggested that anyone considering taking these in
supplement form contact a Wellbeingcare professional familiar with This kind of products for individualized
recommendations. Those who could benefit from taking probiotic and prebiotic supplements include:

1 – People taking antibiotics which kill Away the ‘Fantastic bugs’ in the intestinal tract.
2 – People who suffer from diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal distress, and/or irritable
bowel syndrome.
3 – Women who suffer from chronic yeast and/or Candida infections.

Probiotic supplements are Readily available as freeze-dried, powdered, capsules, wafers and liquids. Doses
of Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria are expressed in billions of Reside organisms and a Common dose,
unMuch less otherwise Suggested, is between 3 billion to 5 billion Reside organisms. Due to the fact probiotics
are living organisms and are fragile, they should always be refrigerated. Products DiscMore thaned on a
shelf, As a result, are not going to contain Reside organisms and not be as effective. The product
label should guarantee a Specific number of Reside organisms by the expiration date of the product.
There should always be an expiration date.

Prebiotics can be DiscMore thaned either with a probiotic product or separately, beLead to FOS and inulin are
Meal for the probiotics. If purchased separately, they can be taken Collectively. Some people, beLead to
of the high number of ‘bad bugs’ in their gastrointestinal tract, cannot handle the two products
taken Collectively in the beginning. This is where an experienced Wellbeingcare professional can be
Valuable. The suggested intake of FOS is 2-3 grams per day. Products containing Nutritional C, whey
protein, or cysteine may improve the effectiveness of probiotics.

This Data is not intended to substitute for medical advice or care that you would receive
from your Wellbeingcare professional, so always check with your provider. If you are taking
medications, or have Wellbeing Troubles, make sure you start these products under the care of a
professional. Some people will notice no harmful Results and these products are generally very
Safe and sound, but individual sensitivity can alter the Results of This kind of products.

If something as simple as Supplying and feeding your ‘Fantastic bugs’ in the intestinal tract can
improve subtle or severe Wellbeing Troubles, it’s Specificly time to start feeding our ‘Fantastic bugs’

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