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The Portfolio Diet: Can It Lower LDL Cholesterol As Well As Prescription Drugs?

What if there was a Mixture of Meals that were as effective at lowering LDL cholesterol as
prescription drugs? Would it be worth adding some new Meals to what you eat each day to avoid

This is what the latest in a Sequence of research studies Dr. Jenkins from the University of Toronto
shows. Studies have previously shown that various Meals, such as nuts, soy protein, oat bran, and
Strategyt sterols all can have a cholesterol-lowering effect. But what if you Blended all these Meals
together? Dr. Jenkins’ latest research shows that combining all these Meals together is as
effective as taking a statin drug. The Outcomes showed a 30.9% decrease in LDL cholesterol from the
statin and a decrease of 28.2% from the portfolio Mixture of all these Meals.

Dr. Jenkins is calling this a dietary portfolio, but it’s becoming Acknowledged as ‘The Portfolio Diet’.
The concept is to add all of these Meals, in a type of portfolio Strategy, like investments, to Include
all possibilities for Far better heart Properlybeing. This is not a weight Damage diet, NA singletheless, Even though the
concepts for weight Damage and lowered cholesterol could certainly be Blended, with proper
education and guidance by a qualified nutrition expert.

What is the Portfolio Diet?

Just follow these guidelines:

1. Substitute soy Meals for meat.
Drink soy milk instead of milk and substitute soy protein Meals for other meats.

2. Eat as A good deal `sticky’ Dietary fiber as Feasible.
People in the study As wellk three Day-to-day servings of natural psyllium supplements. Oats and barley
replace other grains and preferred Veggies include eggStrategyt and okra.

3. Include Strategyt sterol-enriched margarines, such as benecol and Carry Control.
Plant sterols are also available in capsule form as dietary supplements.

4. A handful of nuts every day.
In the study, almonds were eaten and the Almond Board of California offers portfolio diet recipes
on its website (look at recipes on http://www.almondboard.com/), but any tree nut will reduce

Here are some Illustrations of a typical day:

Breakfast: Include soy milk, oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds, oatmeal bread with
sterol-enriched margarine, and some jam.
Lunch: Soy lunchmeats, oat bran bread, bean soup, fruit.
Dinner: Stir fry with Veggies, tofu, fruit and almonds.
Snacks: Include nuts, yogurt, and soy milk thickened with a psyllium supplement such as Metamucil.

Has this diet shown to be effective?
Jenkins et al were curious how this diet would work in the real world, so they signed people up
who said they wanted to lower their cholesterol levels. They told them what to eat and gave them
sample menus — but they didn’t provide any prepared Meals.

Dr. Jenkins said that about 30% of the people had a 20% Decline in their LDL cholesterol levels
after 6 months. Another 30% had a 15% Decline in LDL levels, and another third failed to lower
their cholesterol levels, believed to be because they were unable to follow the diet as strictly
as those with Fantastic Outcomes. What seemed to be the biggest obstacle for people was eating soy Meal
Items. Dr. Jenkins said that most people could eat almonds and substitute Strategyt sterol Items
for margarine.

Is the diet for you?
Many people are Worried about heart Condition and stroke, especially if they are struggling with
weight control and Higher blood cholesterol levels. However, many people are not comfortable going
on prescription Drugs. Since this is an eating Strategy that does not eliminate Meal groups or
follow some type of fad, there is no risk to going on this `diet’. In fact, it’s not really a
`diet’ at all, but a way of eating. And no A single has to do anyIssue but substitute some of the
recommended Meals for Meals they normally eat Nowadays.

So, let’s say you would like to try the diet, but, like many other People in america, are Worried about
adding soy Meals to your diet. You have never eaten them and don’t even know where to find them!
Properly, they are actually in your favorite supermarket already! It may be time to experiment,
though, because not everyA single is going to like all the soy Meals that are available. Here is a list
of Meals to consider:

Soy milk. There are Various brands and different fat levels. You can Purchase whole fat, low fat and
non fat. You can Purchase `regular’ (no flavoring), or any number of flavors. I have personally found
A single brand that I like over others and you may have to experiment to find A single you like, as well.

Edemame. These are frozen whole soybeans that are harvested when still green. They can be found in
most Properlybeing Meal Shops, such as Trader Joes or Whole Foods Current market, in the frozen Meal section,
usually next to the lima beans. These can be found shelled or in the shell. You can add them to
soups or stews or eat them by On their own. I like to eat them as my protein for breakfast.

Tofu. Also Acknowledged as `bean curd’, tofu is a soft, cheese-like Meal Created my curdling soymilk. The
curds are then pressed into a solid Obstruct. There are different levels of Companyness; silken, soft
and Company. Silken is a creamy, custard-like Item that works well with pureed or blended dishes.
Soft tofu is best used in recipes that call for blended tofu, or in soups. The Company tofu is more
dense and solid and holds up well in stir fry dishes, even on the grill. The Company tofu is Higherer
in protein, fat and calcium than the other forms, but since this is a Strategyt fat, this should not
be an issue.

Textured Vegetable (or Soy) Protein Products. This is the soyMeal Item that many soy burgers
and other ‘meat substitute’ Items contain. The best way to determine if these Meals are for you
are to experiment with a few options.

Miso. Miso is a rich, salty paste condiment that characterizes the essence of Japanese cooking.
Traditionally, miso is Created by combining with a grain, salt, and a mold culture and then aged in
cedar vats for A single to three Many years. Readers may recognize the Brand because this is a popular soup.

Soy nuts. Soy nuts are whole soybeans that have been soaked then baked. They can be found in snack
isles and manufacturers now include soynuts in any number of coatings, Such as chocolate.

Tempeh. This is a Conventional IndA singlesian Meal that is most commonly found in Asian Shops. It is a
chunky, tender soybean cake. It can be marinated and grilled or added to soups, casseroles, or
even chili.

It can be very Effortless for some people to add nuts to their diet. In fact, it may be harder to not
add As well MANY nuts! It may also be `doable’ to add more sticky Dietary fiber to your diet, also, with a
Tiny Strategyning. However, it may be a greater challenge to find soy Meals that can be enjoyably
substituted for meats you are used to eating. However, if your Properlybeing depends on it, and you
refuse Drugs, this may be a great Issue to try, especially since there are no risks involved
with adding these Meals to your diet. Just remember that these are Meals to be substituted, not
added, to the diet. Since calories do also still count, adding extras to your current diet could
Outcome in weight Obtain, Major to new concerns.

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