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$16 house? Dallas area man evicted after squatting

$16 house

$16 house

$16 House
After paying $16 to file a one-page claim to an empty, $340,000 home in an upscale Dallas suburb, Kenneth Robinson moved in furniture, hung a “No Trespassing” sign in the front window and invited television cameras inside for a tour.
Flower Mound, Texas- A man who gained notoriety for his $16 house has said he will leave the residence without a fight after a court ruling today.
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He quickly turned into something of a local celebrity, creating a website, http://16dollarhouse.com , where he sold an e-book and offered training sessions for would-be squatters. And while real estate experts and authorities say he’s misusing the law, Robinson appears to have inspired dozens of imitators who moved into Dallas-Fort Worth area homes — some of which were still occupied by their owners.
A tip of the hat to our pals at Curbed for tipping us off to this one. Thanks to a little-known provision in state law, enterprising Texan Kenneth Robinson — either a hero or a squatter, depending on your point of view — has taken possession of a foreclosed $300,000 house for a mere $16. That’s the amount he forked over to file a claim of “adverse possession” of the property with the Denton County courthouse.

Robinson contends that the abandoned house is his for the taking, since neither the original owner nor the bank is likely to go to the trouble or expense of kicking him out. If he can manage to stay in the property for three years, he says, the law grants him the right to petition the court for title to the house.
Ultimately, a judge ruled today that Robinson must appear in court or vacate the home by Monday, and he has chosen the latter. When asked if he plans to attempt the stunt again, this time with less publicity, he declined to say. Would you try to get a $16 house through adverse possession laws?

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